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Blasting Project
Cape Rosier, Brooksville, Maine

This is a blasting project we worked on for a garage foundation and retaining wall.
Drilling & Blasting in Hulls Cove Videos

Drilling Project
This drilling project consisted of us line-drilling up close to the building. We performed this job for WK Construction in Machiasport, ME.
Drilling Project
This is a residential drilling and blasting project that was performed at the Shaw Cottage in Bar Harbor, Me.
Drillng in Northeast Harbor
This is the beginning stages of a project we're working on at the Moore residence in Northeast Harbor, ME.
Ellsworth Site Development
Foundation and Driveway Project
This project was in Bar Harbor, Maine.
Foundation Ledge Removal
This job required us to blast ledge and large rocks in close proximity to the homeowners foundation.
Foundation Ledge Removal
This homeowner needed us to remove rock and ledge close to his existing foundation. We drilled and blasted inches away from the foundation. This was successfully accomplished by extensive line drilling and controlled blasting.

This job was done in Machiasport, Maine.
Foundation Ledge Removal
This job was at Stanley Point in Steuben, Maine. There were a lot of rocks and ledge that needed to be removed before the contractor could start working on the foundation.
Machiasport Foundation Prep
This is a job we did to prep the land for a foundation for an addition on this residential home in Machiasport. Notice how the old foundation was poured on the ledge. A cheap but poor way because of the moisture from lack of level interior damage.
Parker Point, Blue Hill, Maine
Residential Job in Orrington, Me
Tennis Court Blasting in Milbridge, Maine
We did the blasting work for this project, this pile of rocks will become a tennis court.